Who needs a spa?

You’ve seen her on TV, radio and in the magazines.

Now this celebrated beauty expert reveals her “secret home recipes” for everything from under-eye circles to cellulite – without the spa costs!

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With her first book, acclaimed beauty expert Elizabeth TenHouten taught women the power of “eating for beauty” by nurturing their bodies with antioxidant rich foods that promote skin and hair health from the inside out.

Now, with her second book, she demonstrates how these same foods and ingredients can be just as effective applied directly to your skin – an all-natural way to beautify without spending big bucks!

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Natural Beauty: Homemade Recipes for Radiant Skin and Hair proves that you don’t need harsh chemicals or tons of time and money to get shiny hair and fabulous skin!

         Featuring over 75 easy-to-follow recipes for all-natural topical treatments and remedies such as masks, moisturizers, toners and scrubs for the face, feet, and everything in between, this unique beauty cookbook’s step-by-step instructions make it easy for you to take charge of your skin and create your own at-home spa!

Elizabeth TenHouten in the media

Elizabeth TenHouten has been featured in magazines such as US Weekly, Health and Natural Health, and on the Discovery Channel, Martha Stewart Living Radio and other media. She’s Editor-In-Chief of Celeb Life Magazine, a Contributing Editor to Dr. Oz’s health and wellness platform ShareCare.com, and serves on the board of directors of Beauty Industry West.

This comprehensive guide to beautifying yourself contains beauty recipes for EVERY INCH of your body, including:

  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Face
  • Lips
  • Décolletage/Neck
  • Body
  • Hands
  • Feet

In addition to being jam-packed with expert advice, quick-fix beauty secrets and fun DIY treats for the skin and hair, Natural Beauty also includes sections on:

  • Various types of skin – which do you have?
  • Caring for your skin as seasons change
  • Creating your own personal spa in your home
  • Stress relievers
  • Common beauty woes and simple natural remedies
  • A history of women’s pursuit of beauty 

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  • Because of its tiny mucus membranes, the skin under your eyes should not be moisturized with the same formula as you use on the rest of your face?
  • Because of shaving and/or waxing, the skin on your legs needs its own special treatment to stay soft, supple and beautiful?
  • You can customize your beauty treatments to your exact combination of skin typology, body area, environmental factors and seasonal changes?
  • In your kitchen is everything you need to create your own specialized, highly-effective, low-cost beauty formulas? And it’s FUN!


“A beauty redefined by nature’s healing forces and the virtues of pure ingredients is the path to wellness.”

- Elizabeth TenHouten

Spas are for “once in awhile” pampering.
This book will keep you beautiful every day!

Okay, so once in awhile it’s nice to be pampered at a spa – even if it’s pretty expensive.

The trouble is, when it’s over, it’s over. Unless, of course, they sell you expensive products to take with you (and you’ll be making your own – so you won’t need those anymore)!

This book is about a day-in, day-out approach to beauty, not a once-in-awhile indulgence. It even teaches you how to create a spa in your own home – making beautification, relaxation and pampering part of your routine.

All too often, women forget themselves in the flurry of activities that is modern life, and in taking care of others. This book will remind you of how important it is for both your inner and outer radiance to feel good about yourself, to take care of yourself.

Why pay for expensive products when
you can make them yourself, naturally?

Yes, you can pay $50 for a small jar of a formula that consists of ingredients you can find in your kitchen. But why would you want to?

What’s more, when you do it yourself, you can be sure there are no harsh chemicals or preservatives on your precious skin (remember, the skin ABSORBS just about everything).

And – it’s just plain FUN and satisfying to make your own beauty formulas! You don’t have to get in your car and drive anywhere. And instead of talking to a salesperson who is in it for the money, you’ll be taking advice from a nationally-recognized beauty expert whose only interest is in keeping you healthy, happy and gorgeous – naturally.

For a lot less than the cost of a single jar of a fancy cosmetic, you’ll get this breakthrough book PLUS the valuable bonus gifts!

About the Author

Accomplished beauty expert and author of the unique beauty cookbook Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin, Elizabeth TenHouten has devoted her career to bringing out the best in women, naturally. Widely known for her all-natural skincare recipes and holistic approach to beauty, TenHouten’s sought-after tips and expert advice regularly appear on television, online, and in national publications such as Health, Natural Health, Working Mother, Natural Solutions, Discovery Channel’s Planet Green, Your Health Connection, Young Hollywood, and US Weekly, to name a few.

She has appeared on It’s Your Health TV and the KTLA Morning Show, and has been featured on Beauty Now Radio and Martha Stewart Living Radio, among others. TenHouten is the Editor-in-Chief of Celeb Life Magazine and serves as Contributing Beauty Expert for DiscoverBeauty.com and ShareCare.com, the health and wellness social media platform created by Dr. Oz in partnership with Harpo Studios and Sony Pictures Television. She also has a monthly column in Beverly Hills Times Magazine titled, “Natural Beauty with Elizabeth TenHouten”. She is a member of Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW), a National Affiliate of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC), and is on the Board of Directors of Beauty Industry West (BIW), actively attending affiliated seminars and networking events in the world of beauty. She resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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